blessed ARE THOSE

who have not seen

yet have Believed

John 20:29 NKJV

The Believers Medicine Podcast

Dr Ross discusses contemporary topics in health and medicine with an emphasis of using the wisdom in the Word of God to prevent disease and improve your health.


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Depression Facts

Depression is one of the most common psychological illnesses in the United States and worldwide. It’s affects can be felt amongst men and woman, across rich and poor households and span all ages and ethnic groups. Anyone can be impacted by depression. We may know someone with depression. We may deal with depression ourselves. Let’s learn about some of the statistics regarding depression, and more importantly, what the word of God says about those who are impacted by this illness.

Season 4, Episode 1  |  3 min

The Believers medicine podcast

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Disclaimer: Medicine is a rapidly changing field. The information contained within this show may have changed by the time you are listening to this podcast. This podcast should be used for educations purposes only and not to diagnose or treat a particular symptom or illness. If you have questions regarding a disease or symptom, please speak with your doctor.

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